BARRY BLESSER, Ph.D.  Digital Signal Processing

Barry Blesser has been providing consulting services for 35 years in a wide range of fields with specialization in digital signal processing for audio. He received his S.B, S.M and Ph.D. from MIT in the fields of electrical engineering communications and had been an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer science from 1969 to 1978. Since then he has been providing product development for more than 50 companies. That includes the first commercial electronic reverberation system marketed under the EMT name in West Germany in 1978. He has as a principle in several start up companies and has numerous patents and published papers.

Dr. Blesser had been President of the Audio Engineering Society in 1980 and has been on the editorial review board since 1975. He co-chaired the first AES conference on digital audio in 1980. His landmark paper on digital audio, first published in 1978, is still being distributed.

Currently, Dr. Blesser provides both technology development services as well as management of complex hardware and software project. He has a series of papers and seminars available on request. Dr. Blesser is part of a world wide consortium of specialized technical and management consultants.

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