[12/04/07] Mike Beigel Presents at IDTechEx RFID Conference

  Mike Beigel was a presenter during the last IDTechEx RFID Conference. His presentation focused on the location and identification of juvenile desert tortoises in their natural environment. It covered issues such as environmental considerations, tortoise physiology and system design challenges. The presentation will be availabe in the near future.

[09/01/07] Maurcio Jochinsen

  Maurcio Jochinsen joins our inhouse staff as an engineer. With expertise in Electrical Engineering and four years of field experience, Mauricio is a welcome addition to the BTC family. For more information and a full resume: See Technologists

[1/19/07] BTC Consultant Barry Blesser Publishes Book

      Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?  by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter. How we experience space by listening: the concepts on aural architecture, with examples ranging from Gothic cathedrals to surround sound home theatre. Published December 2006 by MIT Press.

[12/15/06] Charles Jenkins Receives Award

      BTC consultant Charles Jenkins receives Kevin Medal and Prize for work in physics.

[5/20/04] RFID and Information Destruction

      Mike Beigel will be taking part in a National Association for Information Destruction panel discussion of new technologies and how they relates to the shredding industry. Mike will be covering the RFID aspect and will go over basic RFID systems, how they can be used to track information, and how the systems themselves can be destroyed if need be.

[5/22/03] Optimizing RFID Systems

     Mike Beigel will be giving a presentation at Stanford University on May 29, 2003. The topic he will be discussing is optimizing RFID systems and how “tags” and “readers” are used on objects to exchange information. This system represents an improvement over bar codes in terms of information content and non-optical proximity communication. If you are interested in attending the event, the presentation will begin at 4 pm at Terman Engineering Center.

[3/27/03] Taming the Beast

     This year, Mike was invited to speak at the Smart Labels USA 2003 Conference hosted by ID TechEx at MIT. On March 27, 2003, Mike gave a presentation on the history of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and how the industry has evolved over the years since he and several others first pioneered the technology. Over 300 delegates from 19 countries attended the Smart Labels conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

[2/27/03] BTC Business Alliance with Signal Processing Group, Inc.

     BTC is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Signal Processing Group (SPG) Inc. SPG Inc. provides custom integrated circuit designs and analog and mixed signal processing designs. SPG Inc. is extremely knowledgeable in integrating entire systems onto a single IC. With this partnership between BTC and SPG Inc., we will provide customers with the highest quality product design and integration solutions.

     Entire Document: [PDF]

[4/18/02] Mike Beigel's RFID article has been published in Smart Labels Analyst April 2002 Journal entitled Introduction to Inductive RFID Systems.

     Originally entitled Dynamic Performance of Inductive RFID Systems, it was an invited paper delivered at the European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD) in 1999. The article was then delivered and republished at the US Marines Fisheries PIT Tag workshop in 2000. This year in their April issue, Smart Labels Analyst republished the article for the third time.

[9/7/01] Barry Blesser's paper on Artificial Reverberation to debut at AES. The abstract is found below.

An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Reverberation Viewpoints

Barry Blesser, AES Fellow
Blesser, Associates, Belmont, MA 02478, USA

     Digital audio and reverberation pioneer Barry Blesser Ph. D. will present a comprehensive new white paper on Artificial Reverberation: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Reverberation Viewpoints. The presentation will be at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York City. The paper is scheduled to be published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (October, 2001, Vol. 49, No. 10). Dr. Blesser's broad point of view and forward looking insight provide inspiration in the audio industry. He has provided advisory and analytical services to BTC clients in various industries.

Abstract: Artificial reverberator algorithms, which are implemented using digital signal processing, can be best understood by considering their relationships to several disciplines: the perceptual metrics of the auditory system, the statistical properties of the acoustic spaces, the artistic needs of the music culture, and the mixing techniques in the recording studio. Both the early reverberations, containing the unique spatial personality, and the late part, containing the statistically random process, play different roles in each of the related disciplines. When the temporal and spectral statistics match the perceptual criteria, the process is transparent. Some of the apparent paradoxes are resolved by considering psychoacoustic and statistical models. Moreover, there is sufficient knowledge to predict the performance of an algorithm without extensive ad hoc listening tests. The unifying theme is the question of how the human auditory system builds a sense of space.

[10/5/00] BTC signs on Stan Humphries, Ph.D for electromagnetic field modeling.

[9/13/00] New for Internet Explorer users, the Product Development page has been extended with dynamic descriptions of each development stage.

[6/22/00] Now online, provides high quality prints of penguins and their amazing world. Take a visit to Antarctica for some interesting and exciting views. These pictures were taken during the scientific expeditions described in the Penguin Project article.

[4/13/00] BTC signs on Barry Blesser, Ph.D. We are pleased to announce the availability of Barry Blesser, Ph.D. as a principal consultant. Barry has been an MIT professor, President of the Audio Engineering Society, and one of the originators of digital audio technology. His depth of experience in electronic product design and problem solving is extraordinary. We are also pleased to publish his paper on Software Risk Engineering on our articles page.

New article online! The Stomping Ground: Musitronics, Mu-Tron, and the Gizmotron by Chris Gill, reprinted from Vintage Guitar Magazine, September 1997, Volume 11 Number 12.

The BTC Technology Newsletter 2000 is now available online.

"Dynamic Performance of RFID Systems," presented at the PIT Tag Workshop 2000 on January 12, 2000, in Stevenson, Washington, contains material from the paper of the same title presented at the ECCTD conference in Stresa, Italy, plus new material specific to RFID in fisheries applications. The Addendum for Fisheries Applications is now available online.

The article entitled, A passive integrated transponder system for tracking animal movements(reprinted from Wildlife Society Bulletin Volume 26, Number 4, Winter 1998.) is now available online in web format.

Now online in web format is Mike Beigel's article, Dynamic Performance of Inductive RFID Systems, presented at the European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design in Stressa, Italy on August 30, 1999.

Two New Articles are now online on the articles page. "Digital Phase Shifters," from the AES Journal Volume 27 Number 9, and "Mu-Tron Musitronics" from Stompbox.

BTC has moved to a new and larger facility in Encinitas, CA. We have more project workspace, a high speed Internet connection for faster search capabilities, and increased local access to electronic technology talent.

Mu-Tron and Beigel Sound Lab product prototypes and original vintage products are available in very limited quantities from Mike Beigel. These are NOT reproductions or re-issues! Contact BTC for details.

Coming soon:

  • More articles on electronic musical sound modification.
  • More technical papers on RFID.

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