BTC RFID Group   

BTC's team of RFID specialists combine a diverse range of skills and experience you won't find elsewhere. We have developed RFID technologies and IP and stayed on the industry leading edge since 1978.

With over 100 RFID related patents issued on behalf of our clients the BTC RFID Group provides leading consultants in this field. BTC subscribes to the Delphion search engine for patent and technology searches.

We have expertise and practical experience developing technology, designing products and implementing systems spanning the entire RFID frequency spectrum.

     Low Frequency (125-134.2 KHz)
     High Frequency (13.56 MHz)
     UHF (850-950 MHz, EPC GEN 2 compliant)
     Microwave (2.4 GHz, 5.8GHz)

We have worked in ACTIVE and PASSIVE RFID technology. We have also worked in leading edge organic and printable RFID technologies. We continue to help our clients explore the limits of conceptual and practical RFID development.

BTC RFID Group Consultants

Michael L. Beigel
         President and Project Director
John R. Tuttle
         Product Development and Strategic Planning
H. Clark Bell, Ph.D, P.E.
         RF and Microwave Engineering
Stan Humphries, Ph.D
         Electromagnetic Field Modeling
Charles Jenkins, Ph.D.
         Advanced RFID Systems Modeling
Signal Processing Group, Inc.
         Integrated Circuit Design Partner  


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